Star Wars - A New Era Of Heroes

I need an automatic kitten, with armor piercing cat food...or How I spent my summer vacation with the mob

After coming back and grouping up together to talk about the two job offers the group had, Jerell and Kentic had a little discussion away from Rat and Jerec. They decided while the other two went to find out information about RZ Tech Industries that they would get a leg up and take the seedy gang job.

Kentic went back to the gang’s layout and got the addresses of 5 locations that the gang wanted them to hit up. The leader was rather ambiguous about the precise nature of the locations and what type of message he wanted them to send. He did give a warning though that it would be wise for them to try to hit all the places as close together as possible so that way they would not have time to react to them.

Kentic then asked to get some startup money to help aid him and Jerell. The gang leader gave him a 500 credit advance that Kentic pocketed without informing Jerell. The leader then gave them a timeline of a week that he wanted to see the job done by.

The next morning Jerell went to the construction company that he had applied too with his explosive knowledge. While he was busy trying to find ways to gather explosives from his job, Kentic went around to scout out the places.

The first area he examined was an apartment building, with the target being an apartment on the second floor. The next two areas were houses with a run down look on the outside but well-furnished appearance on the inside. After that were two businesses that were separated by several blocks, a pet store and a mechanic shop.

After Jerell got off work they decided they were going to try to hit up one of the places that evening. Their plan of attack was to get on top of buildings across the way and just shoot through the window to cause disruption in the place. Kentic placed himself on the roof while Jerell watched the alleyway at the bottom. Kentic began a spray of blaster fire into the building killing 3 people with his random fire.

Chaos ensued on the street as people rushed inside while several goons came outside the apartment building. A fire fight ensued between the heroes and the goons. After several shots ensued 2 Goons laid dead on the ground and Kentic found himself getting shot squarely in the chest. Barely struggling to move he decided it was time to get out and jumped from the building he was on to the next building over. Not having the strength to make it all the way he begin to fall. With an amazing feat of determination and strength(destiny point) he was able to grab onto a ledge as he was falling. In the meantime Jerell had hopped over a wall into the next street and was already getting away. Kentic was able to slide across the ledge and get to the fire escape ladder and quickly made his escape.

Back at the ship when Rat saw the two walk in battered and shot up Kentic told him that he was playing cards and retired to bed.

The next day Jerell once again went back to work to see about explosives. Meanwhile Kentic went around town to check out the other places again. After their previous night’s attack it appeared that the rival gang had started to up their security. The two businesses that had previously been unguarded now had patrolling guards outside.

After Jerell finished with work the two decided that they were going to hit the remaining places that night.

They started with the pet store. From behind the store they realized that they would be able to get up onto the roof and that Jerell would be able to plant some explosives to cause the roof to collapse down upon the store. Kentic would be watching out from a building aways off ready to take out any of the guards if they noticed Jerell. With some careful planning and communication Jerell was able to sneak on the roof and set the explosive for an hour.

Once they were finished they decided to immediately go to the mechanic shop. While searching around the area, they found that on the back side of the shop was a walled off apartment building that fed directly into the back yard of the mechanic shop. They decided that while Kentic caused a distraction from the back Jerell would go through the front and set up some explosives to cause some damage to the shop.

Kentic placed himself in one of the back apartments on the second floor and looked down in the yard. Their he saw two sleeping dogs. He took aim and splattered the dogs brains against the wall. The sounds of the blast caused several thugs to exit the building and come into the back yard.

Unfortunately for Jerell one of the guards stayed out front. He decided he would attempt to take out the one guard by himself while Kentic kept the others busy. At this time however Kentic was being shot at by three goons. After already suffering at the hands of a blaster bolt the previous night he didn’t want to risk getting shot again and began to retreat.

Jerell has just finished up his guard, too late after the guard had time to use his comlink, and was about to place the explosives when he got the signal to retreat from Kentic. They decided that killing the two dogs and two of the goons there was enough of a message and that they should move onto the two residential houses.

When they got to the houses they set-up camp on top of some buildings across the way. They noticed the houses had their blinds closed and it appeared dark inside. They begin to lay down blaster fire into the two houses. Unaware that the houses had been emptied of people just minutes before their arrival. The guards comlink message had traveled through the sector and the gang had decided to set-up a trap if the people harassing them decided to continue that night.

With Jerell and Kentic’s blaster fire firing away freely at the houses their presence was easily able to be located. Once some snipers moved into position and lined up their shot they begin to fire down at the two. Kentic took a blaster bolt in the top of his back while he was laying down firing into the house. The other shot missed Jerell. Knowing their cover was bust they began to hurry down the buildings to escape. As kentic hit the ground he saw a speeder come in packed with four more goons.

Jerell on the other hand while trying to get down quickly slipped and fell six stories to the ground. As several bones broke and snapped as he landed he faded into unconciousness. Kentic was in a firefight with two of the goons while the other two begin to head towards Jerell’s position. After taking down one of the goons Kentic turned to run back into the alleyway to get over the wall. He climbed up one story of the escape ladder and tried to jump on top of the wall. His jump was a little too enthusiastic as he jumped too far and landed on his face on the ground on the other side. During that time through luck and the adrenaline pumping through his body before hand(two crit recovery rolls in a row) Jerell was able to wake up. Struggling to get away with the pain that was racking his body he made a run for it evading the men following him. After getting a ways out of the sector Jerell was able to find a shady hotel and collapse for the night. Kentic made his way back to the ship and awaited Jerell in the morning.

Seeing the state that Jerell was in Kentic decided to go see the gang that hired him by himself. When he arrived he noticed a distinct displeased state in the room. The leader stated his disaproval by saying if he wanted someone to just run by and shoot up the place a bit he would have hired some random goons from the street and that he expected much more for what he was offering to pay them. Kentic was furious blaming the gang leader for not giving him enough direction for what he wanted. The leader furious threw a small bag of credits at him and told him to not come into his sector again.

Kentic opened the bag and saw only 250 credits. The combined total being 750 credits out of the 2500-3000 that he originally had agreed upon. Kentic demanded more money and the leader told his guards to take out the trash. Kentic finally left dejected and angry. He gave only 125 credits to Jerell while pocketing the other 625. Both Kentic and Jerell are still recovering from their wounds while Rat and Jerec come back with their findings of RZ Tech Industries. Only 3 days left to pay off the debt that Jerell created with his hospital fees.



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