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Episode 7
A New Threat

While still recovering from the BATTLE OF ENDOR,
The REBEL ALLIANCE has little time to celebrate.
With the fall of EMPEROR PALPATINE, a chasm
Has been created in the heart of the EMPIRE.

Imperial WARLORDS gather their ships.
Vying for power over the remaining forces.
On Coruscant, YSANNE ISARD has taken control
And begins culling the remaining forces to her.

The ripples of change spread throughout the galaxy,
Even to the far moon of NAR SHADDAA.
There amidst the rampant crime and corruption,
The Rebellion’s SALVATION or DESTRUCTION can be found.

Campaign Planning:

  1. Time Period: 6 Months after the battle of Endor

  2. Starting Location: Nar Shaddaa(Commonly Refferred to as the Smuggler’s Moon)

  3. Characters:(TBD)

Campaign Ideas And Suggestions
Ship Wish List
Adventure Planning

Everyone Should Update the Character and Group Concepts page to: a. update there characters especially those that haven’t posted, and b. just a short paragraph or two of where you see your character wanting to go.
Character And Group Concepts

Map is now under map page.

The Ship:

Locations Visited:
Currently at: Bothawui
Nar Shaddaa


Name RPGA #
Dustin 100845555

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