Character And Group Concepts

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New Character Notes:
Every character can choose one knowledge skill to be trained in, in addition to the skills they are naturally trained in. This is to give each character an opportunity to know a little more knowledge based on there origin and perceived type.

Also after purchasing equipment a character can have no more then 50 credits leftover. If you do not use your starting credits fully then it will be reduced down to 50. The start of the campaign finds the characters on Nar Shaddaa in slightly dire needs.

Kevin – I still haven’t completely decided yet, but for classes I’m thinking about a Force User (class Jedi, but maybe not an actual Jedi, don’t know if we want a lot of Force stuff in the campaign), or, and this is more likely, an ex-Imperial Soldier/Pilot. I’ll think about this some more, read about Nar Shaddaa before ultimately deciding.

I found a sweet picture of a Miraluken

Dustin – Reworked character background with info of campaign

Concept: Varns Trade & Sell has been operating on Nar Shaddaa for three generations of Varn humans. Ferrik grew up in the dingy environment of the over urbanized moon with his family having scrapped by for years as pawn dealers and scavengers. Ferrik learned from his father at an early age how to repair items for reselling in the family shop and in his free time he would roam near the under levels watching the chaos that was considered normal life to the unfortunates. As he grew up, he learned to pilot the family’s many time repaired hover car to locations where the Varns would delve into the dilapidated structures of Nar Shaddaa and pull out anything worth while.

Life would have continued on in this fashion for as far as Ferrik could see, he knew his lot could be better, but he also knew it could be much worse. Recently a powerful gang has decided to offer protection to the Varns business at a hefty cost, which has sent Ferrik away from the family for fear of being “recruited”. Ferrik finds himself lost not know what to do or where to turn to but knowing that in the end he needs to help his family out.

I rolled my stats and left them natural (in the order that I rolled them). I used the 4d6 method and took the opportunity to roll for comeliness also.

Character And Group Concepts

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