Adventure Planning

This section is for characters to talk and discuss strategies and ideas for the upcoming weeks adventure when appropriate.
Since we have a week break before the next adventure I figured I would allow the group to start discussing plans and strategy of how to approach whichever mission they choose to pursue and start getting all the planning and details out of the way so that way next session we can jump right in. Obviously some parts of planning may involve skill checks or GM responses, so I will do my best to resolve those issues as quick as I can based on the response and feedback from the group.
Two missions on the table being decided upon when we last left:
  1. A rough and tumble gang is wanting to make an example to one of their rivals to persuade them from ever coming back into their territory
  2. A upper class businessman is looking to get his hands on a prototype droid processor used by a competitor, RZ Tech Industries.
RZ Tech Industries Promo On Holonet:
RZ Tech Industries has been the #1 provider of Droid Component in Hutt Space since 50 BBY. We know our customers trust us to provide quality droid components that can stand up to the harshness of space. If our products can stand up to a Hutt, what will it be able to stand up to for you?(Images of a Hutt using his stubby fists to bash in a droid head appears). RZ Tech Industries, a name you can trust.

Additional Information Found on Base Holonet Search:
RZ Tech Industries is located in Sector 20 of the city. Surrounding it our various other industral factories. THe main building is 50 stories tall with main offices located on the lower levels. For appointments contact main scheduling offices on the 1st floor of Building.
Product Information:

  1. Droid CPU
  2. Droid Optic Systems
  3. Droid Servo Controls
  4. Military Restricted: Weapons Guidance Systems

(Int 9) Maybe I can just apply for a job to RZ Tech? That would allow me to get inside and I am decently knowledgeable about technology to hopefully know how to say the right things. Walk in, grab the core and walk out. Seems a bit too easy (Wis 17) but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work? What do you guys think?

(Int 18, Wis 15 by asking Jerell to pass the news) Hey Jerell, tell Rat that his plan probably won’t work, unless he really knows about processors. Take too long to get hired, unless he really impresses them. Still though, might not be a bad thing if he can get hired on pretty quickly, at least we’d have some inside eyes, and find us a target so I can use my… abilities on, to see his surroundings. Walking in and grabbing the core is out of the question though, too well guarded.

We need to come up with a backup plan, no matter what we do, to make sure we can get the cash to pay off the hospital bills. Maybe you can do something Jerell, cause an explosion nearby, cause a huge diversion. Brute force is probably our strongest asset, so maybe we should form a plan around that.

I’m thinking of making this a smash and grab operation. Quick, Efficient and Precise. We need Intel on the layout of the building and where the target(s) will be. Then I simply rig a small charge to blast a nice door in the ferrocrete at the most convienent location to the target, drop a couple of ion grenades, that should disable the droid. Then It’s just Grab and GO!!

But then I guess we’re back to the part of How do we get the Intel we need. If rat could get the job it would be benifical but we can’t bank on it. what’s this about you using your hokey force waves to see through walls, Jerec? that seems useful. can you just walk around the compound and map it out for us? in any case I’m in need of replenishing my grenade supply, I’ll pick up some Ion’s while I’m out.

(16) Gather Info to find Frag grenades (military) and Ion Grenades (restricted)

You are able to find some Ion Grenades sold through a Arms And Trade Company on the planet. The cost of the ion grenade is 250 credits with a 25 credit processing fee. You were not able to obtain any information to acquire Frag Grenades through regular channels on this planet. If you want to you can make another Gather Information check to look in non-sanctioned channels.

Adventure Planning

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