Star Wars - A New Era Of Heroes

Episode 2a - Welcome To Lannik

To Be Edited Later: A mechanic, a jedi, and a sewer….

Lannik, not the easiest planet to find oneself stranded on. The new crew of the Swiftrunner are finding themselves with more problems than they know what to do with. The ship is damaged and locked in the port of Lannik as the crew tried to say that the captain had died and that they were now the owners of the yacht, which they hoped was close enough to some truth that it would go through. They had no money except for the small amount that they got paid for their last mission, which wouldn’t be enough to repair and refuel the ship or to even get a new ticket off this rock. Lastly, they had no work, no source of credits in which to rectify their current situation.

After trying to deal with the authorities on the ownership of the vessel, Kentik, Jerec, Jarrel and Rat went out in search of money. They now had a possible stake together in the ship if their luck could hold out and that meant they should probably work together until the verdict gets back to them. After a couple hours of searching they reconvene with a list of options for jobs that they could take. It had been a long day and they all felt that maybe sleeping on the ship and thinking it over would do them well, or at least Jerec and Rat though that. The next morning Kentik and Jarrel were still out cold from an apparently too good night out on the town so Rat followed Jerec out take up one of the job offers.

They found a job that seemed like a simple delivery run, all they had to do was pick up a package and take it to a city to the north. There was one other city more to the north east that connect the farther north city by a road, everything else between was wasteland. Jerec and Rat figured the fastest way to the northern city is a direct path from their current one which have them cut across the wasteland. Rat felt confident that it couldn’t be any worse than the Shoalnar Wastes on Nar Shadaa so he was game from making a run across the barren land. It turns out, between a unforgiving environment, a cheap hover craft, and not the best driver the trip became very hazardous.

(to be continued)



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